Friday, February 3, 2012

Installing Red Hat Fedora 16 without Internet / Network

Al last, I am able to find how to install Red Hat Fedora 16 without Internet Connection or Network Connection. It was very tedious task to find the solution. Tried many solutions, but none of them was working.
So, at last go through few forums, I was able to get the solution which I am going to share here with you.

You need to download the DVD of latest Fedora edition i.e Fedora 16.
Then you need Fedora Live USB Creator latest edition.
A pendrive of 4GB. Personally I will suggest use 8 GB Pen drive.
Use your LIVE USB Creator and to transfer the ISO to Pen drive.
Transferring may take some times one hour also.
After successful transfer, reboot your system
Make changes in BIOS to boot from USB.
Once changes made in BIOS, your system will boot from Pen Drive.
System will show you 2 options :
1. Install / Upgrade Fedora 16
2. Troubleshooting.

Select first option and do not press ENTER. Press TAB on your key board.
It will show you command prompt with command already written.
Do not change / remove here.

Just enter SPACE from keyboard and type the following as it is:

and then press enter. Now you will not be asked to connect to internet or network during the installation. You can enjoy installation without internet from your pen drive.

Make sure on PACKAGE SELECTION SCREEN, just select "installation repo". If you select any other option also, that will require internet access.
I hope this may help many people who do not have internet but want to use FEDORA 16.

THis tutorial may help those also who are trying to install from DVD. in that case they don't need LIVE USB Creator. Just burn the DVD with ISO. Insert the DVD and boot from the DVD. Then same options will be followed as mentioned above.

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