Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Use your Mobile Phone as Remote for Laptop or PC

Sometimes everybody wish to control his/her PC / Laptop from far distance. Like the way we used to control our TV in the home. Now same thing can be done with your Laptop or PC also. You can control your Laptop or PC from distance. There are multiple ways of controlling the PC from remote location. Only thing is you need to understand the need how do you want to control it.
I will try to discuss the things in simpler language, so that everyone can understand this. Before I start, let me tell you that you have to install the software on your mobile phone and PC/Laptop also. PC/Laptop and Mobile Phone should have Bluetooth / WiFi capabilities.
1. WMouseXP Bluetooth Presentation Remote Control Software
Cost: Free
Works with: Bluetooth only
Available forNokia (Series 40 and Symbian), Android, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry phones
Note: Preferably use Java Edition of this software for Nokia phones, It works perfectly.

2. MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control Software
Cost: Free
Works with: Bluetooth only
Available for: Nokia Phones

3. Phone Remote Control
Cost: (free to try, $12.95 to buy)
Works with: Bluetooth and WiFi
Platform: All Phones which support Java (Except iPhone and Android Phones)

4. i-clickr PowerPoint Remote
Cost: Free and Paid Edition through iTunes
Works with: WiFi only
Available for: iPhone and iPad

5. Bluetooth Remote PC
Cost: Free and Paid Editions available
Works with: Bluetooth and WiFi
Available for: Android 2.1 and above

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