Sunday, February 17, 2013

Watch 3D Movies on your PC / Laptop

Yes ! you read it right.
Now you can watch 3D movies on your PC / Laptop. You don't need to have special TV / Monitor to watch 3D movies now a days. A good player can turn your movie into 3D movie.

Latest KMPLAYER has the capability to convert any 2D video to 3D video on the fly. On the FLY means you don't need to do anything special. But you need to buy 3D glasses for yourself so that you can enjoy 3D movie.
Best part is
these glasses are not very costly. Hardly Rs. 250/- ...Just search eBay for 3D glasses, you can get many good deals.

Or the other way around you can convert your 2D videos into 3D videos using various software. All of them are PAID. I was not able to find out any FREE software for 2D to 3D conversion.
Here is the small list of software:

  • DVDFab 2D to 3D Converter
  • MOVAVI 2D to 3D Converter
  • AXARAMEDIA  2D to 3D Converter
  • XILISOFT 2D to 3D Converter

BP Profile as Homepage version 1.1 - updated for Wordpress 4.1 and Buddypress 2.1.1

After pointing out by John Clause, I have just updated the plugin for Wordpress 4.1 and Buddypress 2.1.1. Now enjoy the facebook function...