Thursday, August 8, 2013

Turbo C / C++ Compiler with support for Windows 7 in Full Screen Mode

Turbo C / C++ Compiler is the legacy software and is required by every computer student who starts learning programming. Turbo C / C++ Compiler generally works very well with all windows edition except Windows 7. Generally students are not able to run compiler in the full screen mode. Here is the solution.

The compiler available here can run FULL Screen in Windows 7 also. It utilizes DOSBOX program for this purpose. But don’t worry. You don’t have to install DOSBOX separately. Everything is already packed for you. Just download the zip file. Extract the setup and then install it like any other software on your windows machine. A shortcut will be created on your DESKTOP. Double click on it to execute and that’s it.

You will be able to use Turbo C / C++ compiler FULL SCREEN.

Download Link:
Click here to download  

BP Profile as Homepage version 1.1 - updated for Wordpress 4.1 and Buddypress 2.1.1

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